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Silent Piston Air Compressors

Silent Piston Air Compressors Technich Specifications

EK 100 T1200190081,51,1220-380100
EK 200 T24501900832,2220-380200
EK 300 T28001900843380300
EK 400 T21000190085,54380400
EK 502 T21200190087,55,5380500
EK 503 T3150019008107,5380500
EK 503 T3180019008107,5380500

Our company may change the values in the catalogue as parallel to the research and development studies.
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We manufacture new silent piston compressors 5 years of research and development results of our work is added to our product portfolio.

Silent piston compressors, piston compressors according to the standard volume is very low. These types of compressors in particular:

• Dental laboratories
• textile mills located under the house
• Carpentry workshops
• Shoe shops
• Stone design workshops
• Auto body shop are
• businesses located in shopping centers
• businesses engaged in filling the food
• Repair workshops

Their needs are as well as the air compressor is the most suitable solution for all businesses who want to silence sources in the business environment. Our quiet reciprocating air compressors are the main advantages is 100% domestic price according to the import of spare parts and compressor.