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Piston Air Compressors EK 503 T

Working Principle : Piston air compressors composed of 3 parts.

• Electric motor
• Compressor
• Storage tank

Generally, the piston air compressors is sold that the electric motor, the compressors and the control equipments are assembled on the storage tank. Furthermore, The electric motor, the compressor and the control equipments composed of one group and divided from the storage tanks that sold like two different part as the special order.

The system, the rotation of the compressor pulley with the electric motor by the belt. The ambient air is vacuumed. The vacuumed ambient air is pressured by the compressing pistons. The pressured ambient air is stored in the storage tank until the required pressure, the system is stoped by the pressure control valve. The compression of the ambient air is one or more steps. These steps are known as stages. The standard piston air compressors are composed of 1 or 2 stages. These stages change according to the pressure and the capacity.

Single Stage Compressors

TypeCylinderStroke Volume
Stage NumberRpmPressure
Volume (LT)
EK 100 T1200190081,51,1220-3801001250 -930- 500
EK 200 T24501900832,2220-3802001350 – 1050 – 450
EK 300 T280019008433803001450 – 1200 – 550
EK 400 T21000190085,543804001600 – 1200 – 550
EK 502 T21200190087,55,53805001850 – 1400 – 640
EK 503 T3150019008107,53805001850 – 1400 – 640
EK 503 T3180019008107,53805001850 – 1400 – 640

Our company may change the values in the catalogue as parallel to the research and development studies.
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Dual Stage Compressors

Type Cylinder Stroke Voılume
Stage Number RPM Pressure
Power VOLT Tank Volume
EK 503 CK 3 780 2 800 15 10 7,5 380 500 1850 -1400 – 640
EK 503 CK 3 1110 2 800 15 10 7,5 380 500 1850 -1400 – 640

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The Superior Properties Of Emek Piston Air Compressors

  • Fully automatic
  • The best design to be the long-life and the high performance
  • Simple and balanced construction
  • The effective cooling due to the wide wings of the pulley
  • To minimize mechanical friction, the special bearings
  • Simple and effective lubrications
  • The perfect balances on the rotating parts
  • The special valves to minimize the dead volume, 100 % made in Turkey, wide spare parts
  • The wide technical services, 2 years warranty